A revolutionary new way to clean your clothes!!

A revolutionary new way to clean your clothes!!

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Allergy Free & Anti-Bacterial
  • Chemical Free
  • Highly Economical

What is Envirodisc


EnviroDisc is a revolutionary new product that replaces harsh washing detergents with environmentally friendly washing discs. EnviroDisc lets you enjoy clean clothes while protecting your family from harmful chemicals and the environment.
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How does EnviroDisc work?

During the wash cycle the bio-degradable beads within the disc release activated molecules (ionised oxygen). These molecules soften the fabric and water by raising the pH level of the water. This allows the water in the machine to penetrate the fabric and lift the soil - all without harmful chemicals. EnviroDisc also kills common bacteria and softens your clothes during every wash.
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Why Envirodisc

Benefits of EnviroDiscs

Envirodisc can reduce your costs/wash,
help kill bacteria and reduce your environmental footprint.

One set of (3 discs) used by the average family, will prevent a hundred or more
pounds of chemical pollutants (from conventional laundry detergents), from
being released into the environment. The other obvious advantage is that of the cost savings element, saving more than 50% of the cost over conventional laundry detergents.

Each set can be used up to 700 times!
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I came back from the country with jeans covered in mud where children had jumped in a creek. It come off perfectly.

Did you know

Get 700 laundry washes out of 1 pack of EnviroDiscs!