I have been using EnviroDisc for 9 years!

When I discovered how common detergents were polluting the waterways and how much chemical and organic residue remained in my wash by using them I started looking for an alternative since this is daily thing. I stubbled across this product in an email newsletter by the Dr. Masaru Emoto, the author of Messages From Water. EnviroDisc is not a miracle product that removes all stains and whitens like enzyme and bleach laden detergents do, but it works well enough on everyday dirt.

For heavily soiled loads with muddy, greasy stains or yellowing I do use a small amount of environmentally friendly soaker or just spot treat the stains before I do the wash. This might be a little more work than with a common detergent that seems to clean better, but if I think about the environment and my family's health benefits it is a very small price to pay. I also appreciate how hard doing the laundry must have been for my mother or grandmother in their days.

I have been living in Australia, which is blessed by nature for over 10 years but more so for my child who has been born in this country am I happy to say that I am looking after the ocean and the land when doing a wash. Also in the 9 years I have been using this product I have not had to step in to the laundry aisle at the supermarket, holding my breath to avoid a sensory overload through my nose. That alone has made the switch to this product worthwhile.

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I came back from the country with jeans covered in mud where children had jumped in a creek. It come off perfectly.

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Get 700 laundry washes out of 1 pack of EnviroDiscs!